Dear partner!

We would like to inform you that number of our office building has been changed from Klijanu street 2D to Klijanu street 8  in accordance with the conclution of  Riga City Construction Department from 1st August.  
In the following, we kindly ask you to send us all correspondence (letters, any documents), and  also  dispatch  goods to our new office address: Klijanu street 8, room 415, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia.
Our legal address, bank details, telephone numbers and also e-mail addresses will remain the same.
Best regards,
SIA Priede


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
May the Prosperity, Joy and Peace of the Season be with you all through the New Year!
We would like to thank You for friendly cooperation.

It would seem that cleanness problem has long been solved. But this is no true.
Those cleaning products that we use daily are not so harmless!
We would like to propose you innovative products – a new generation of cleaning cloths (NBS, Austria). They are made from natural ingredients, environmentally friendly and will not cause an allergic reaction. All components are biodegradable. A new generation cleaning products will keep the environment clean, and healthy that protect of human as well as animals health.
-  “Visor” clear cleaning cloths remove insect residues and contaminations without any effort and absolutely scratch-free.
-  “Motorcycle shine” cleaning cloths remove even persistent insect and grease residues effortlessly and easy.
- “INSECT FREE” cleaning cloths effortlessly remove all insect residues, which remained after the car washing.
- “STAINLESS STEEL SHINE” cleaning cloths professionally remove even persistent greases contaminations from stainless steel surfaces, quickly and efficiently.
- “DISINFECTATNT WIPES” - have an antibacterial effect against all harmfully microorganisms, it kills 99,9% of the microorganisms per 60 seconds.


Attention! The new €50 will start circulationg only 04th April, 2017.
On 5 July 2016 the new €50 banknote was unveiled at the ECB, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is the fourth banknote of the Europa series and follows the new €5, €10 and €20 notes that have already been issued. It is planned that the new €50 banknote will start circulating in spring 2017 ( 04-04-2017).